• Natural paths for lymphatic wellness

  • What exactly is Lymphatic system

    A network or connection of lymph ducts, vessels and nodes is considered as a Lymphatic system. The essential function of this lymphatic system is the transportation of lymph, a liquid containing contamination-fighting white platelets, all through the body.


    The lymphatic system is also considered the critical part of the immune system and the main waste destruction of the body. Dissimilar to circulatory system, which consists of the heart to pump and flow blood all over the body, here the lymphatic system needs a similar pump to support the system in continuous free movement.

    As we discussed that the lymphatic system is a system of organs and tissues that help free the body from waste, harmful toxins and other undesirable materials. In that case, if the lymphatic system is choking or clogged due to toxins, injury, stress, poor diet, or inactive lifestyle, the lymph fluid develops in the body and can become poisonous, influence the organs and give place to diseases.

    The lymphatic system consists of some parts including thymus, adenoids, and even tonsils.


    Sylvia Hood Washington (Lymphatic specialist)

    A certified lymphatic therapist trained by Klose, Sylvia Hood Washington, PhD, ND, MPH, CLT-LANA. She is one of the nationally certified lymphatic specialists.

    To be official, Sylvia Hood Washington has the national certification from the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA), which is quite impressive in terms of qualification.

    She specializes in CDT and MLD, i.e. Complete Decongestant Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, respectively. Actually, the Vodder Technique is nothing but Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD).

    She tends to treat patients with freshly performed surgeries, mainly to orthopaedic and cosmetic surgery patients. She is also used to treat the disorders such as veins/artery, arthritis, diabetes and, in extreme cases, the people with cancer.

    Unfortunately, she was born with an uncommon type of rare lymphedema that is known as lymphedema distichasis. She is always devoted in treatment of patients mostly suffering from chronic edema, lymphedema and with unbalanced immune systems.

    One of the devoted lymphatic centers is Natural Path for Lymphatic Wellness, which is extensively certified worldwide.


    Natural Paths for Lymphatic Wellness offers four types of Lymphatic Drainage:



    1. Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD)


    Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage is an honour winning reflexology procedure which is mainly targeted on sparking the lymphatic reflexes by stimulating on the feet, the point is to create an impact on the lymphatic system for providing relief to their patients. It is an exclusive treatment technique that has been introduced by Sally Kay (B. Sc Honours) and researched while working in Cancer Care. The outcomes seem to help the theory of reflexology.


    2. Manual Lymph Drainage


    Manual Lymph Drainage assists in tearing the lymph node’s juncture with manual approach and distinctive migration.

    When these junctures are flowing all over the body, it may detox naturally, eliminate edema and swelling that helps in discharge Rotator Cuff, relaxations from migraines, headaches, constipation, breastfeeding, breast drainage, Tinnitus ear ringing, prostate drainage, or only to lift your immune system and feel healthy.


    3. Healing Touch Lymphatic Energy Drainage


    Healing Touch Lymphatic Energy Drainage is a technique based on quantum physics. This assists in cracking the lymph node’s juncture by controlling the electromagnetic fields in the patient’s body. This is listed as an off-body procedure that is optimal for patients going through intense pain and furthermore looking for stress decrement.


    4. Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), Combined with Healing Touch (HT) Lymphatic Energy Drainage:

    With these two combined treatments, that is, a combination of Healing Touch and Manual Lymph Drainage that helps detoxify the body and reduce stress.